Monday, September 24, 2018


Transform your FileMaker solutions with the SVG Icon Pack for FileMaker! This is a free FileMaker Pro file that stores hundreds of button icons optimised for FileMaker.

Easily get an icon for your solution within minutes and save time by not having to browse the internet.

This icon pack is not just a collection of any icons. These are SVG icons optimised to work with FileMaker, allowing developers to take control of their button icons. Every icon has been tested to make sure it works with FileMaker.

Now with Colour – With the release of version 2.6 of the SVG Icon Pack, you are now able to change the colour of icons before exporting them. Use one of the many colours available to get the perfect look for your FileMaker solutions.

Optimised for FileMaker – This means that the colour has been removed from the icon. This lets FileMaker populate the icon with the colours you specify. By default, icons are black.

Button Icon Settings – Take advantage of FileMaker’s ability to change a button’s icon colour as the user interacts with the button. This can be used to create great hover and pressed effects. Change the button icon colour settings in the Inspector Window > Appearance > Button: Icon.

What's Included?

  • A FileMaker Pro database to browse and download the icons.
  • Read Me and Legal Documents.

Social Media

The SVG Icon Pack has been downloaded thousands of times with the help of FileMaker Inc. Thanks to them the icon pack has reached more developers than we could have ever imagined! Thank you FileMaker Inc!




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Latest Update Log

  • Added 105 SVG Icons ( Total to Date: 334 )
  • New ‘Main Menu’ layout to make navigation easier.
  • Fill icons with colour and preview them.
  • Export icons with the fill colour you selected.
  • New ‘Licence’ section detailing licences for certain icons.
  • New ‘Settings’ field available to configure the default icon fill colour.
  • Visual overhaul throught the application.

Download Information

Download Size: 6 MB

Download File Type: Zip File [ .zip ]

Original File Type: FileMaker Pro Database [ .fmp12 ]

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