Monday, September 24, 2018


Transform your FileMaker Pro solutions with the Icon Pack for FileMaker! This is a free application that stores hundreds of FileMaker button icons right within your iOS device.

Easily get an icon for your solution within minutes and save time by not having to browse the internet.

This Icon Pack is not just a collection of any icons. These are SVG icons optimised to work with FileMaker, allowing developers to take control of their button icons. Every icon has been tested to make sure it works with FileMaker.


There are multiple ways to find an icon in the Icon Pack for iOS. You can browse the Featured list, you can filter a category or you can perform a search. These methods make for a quick and easy experience.

Featured Icons

When you open the application you are immediately taken to the Featured List. These are groups of icons that might be of interest to you. The Featured list will change with every update, giving you a new experience every time.


Every icon is assigned to a category to help describe its purpose, and to make it easier to find. To filter a particular category tap on the ‘Categories’ button from the Featured list and select the category you wish to filter.

Perform a Search

Finding an icon couldn’t be easier with our smart search button! From the Featured list tap the search icon in the top right of the screen and enter the text you wish to search. When you perform the search the Icon Pack for iOS will quickly find related icon names, categories and tags to make sure you find the icon you’re looking for.


Every icon is equipped with detailed information to give you the best user experience possible. Each icon has a unique description and rating.

Unique Description

Every icon has its own description to give you as much information as possible. This information consists of a short description, assigned category, version information, tags and file size.

5 Star Rating

All of our icons are rated out of five. The higher the rating, the more useful that icon can be. For example, an icon with only one star might be useful in one or two situations. But an icon with five stars could be used in an array of different application.


To get a good understanding of what your icon will look like, we have added live SVG previews to our application.

Live SVG Previews?

The SVG data is extracted from the Base64 and built in a web browser. This means that you see the icon exactly as it will appear in your buttons.