Saturday, January 19, 2019

PDF Exporter


This solution was creating by using FileMaker’s invoicing starter solution. I added a couple of script steps that allows the user to save a PDF directly to their desktop.

Save PDF’s directly to your desktop

Once the PDF has been saved to the desktop the script will automatically open the file. Meaning the user can preview the saved file without having to locate it.

Automatically open the file after exporting

Follow my scripts through in the example file to get a good understanding of how they operate. If you own FileMaker Pro Advanced then I recommend you use the script debugger to get a step by step breakdown of the scripts.

This example shows you how to export PDF’s to your desktop and then get the script to automatically open the PDF for the user. This is a great way to use variables and I hope it gets you to think what else is possible with variables.

Each of my scripts are annotated to help you understand the process.

I hope you enjoy the solution!



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