Saturday, January 19, 2019

Internet Connection Tester


Combine the power of AppleScript and FileMaker to create intelligent solutions. Use the in file scripts to determine whether your users are connected to the internet or not. Capture this result within AppleScript and then insert it into your FileMaker solution.

Determine if users are connected to the internet

At the click of a button FileMaker will tell you your connection status and your IPv4 address. Copy these calculations and use them in your own solutions!

Captures IPv4 Address

This solution should give you a good understanding of AppleScript and FileMaker working together. Apply the same methods in your own solutions.



Click the button below to download the Internet Connection Tester.

Please Note: Only available for Macintosh. Uses AppleScripts to test connection; therefore will not work on Windows. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Download Information

Download Size: 351 KB

Download File Type: Zip File [ .zip ]

Original File Type: FileMaker Pro [ .fmp12 ]

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