Monday, September 21, 2020

Example Solutions

click for info These are some example solutions I’ve put together. They are all free and always will be! Please feel free to download them and break them down for your own learning!

PNG to SVG Converter

buy generic Pregabalin online Convert PNG files into SVG’s with a few simple steps! Use this tool to get the FileMaker icons you need for your solutions. Follow the in-file instructions and you’ll be creating SVG’s in no time!

Internet Connection Tester

cliquez ici pour plus d'informations Combine the power of AppleScript and FileMaker to create intelligent solutions. Use the in file scripts to determine whether your users are connected to the internet or not.

OS X Folder Creator

sites de rencontre par telephone This FileMaker solution will create folders on your desktop, documents and more from within FileMaker itself. It uses the power of AppleScript to detect folder existence and to create new ones.

PDF Exporter

This solution was creating by using FileMaker’s invoicing starter solution. I added a couple of script steps that allows the user to save a PDF directly to their desktop.

Adaptive Layouts

This solution was created with beginners in mind. It shows the user the fundamental concept behind adaptive solutions and shows how you can control your layouts using data in your fields.