Product End of Life Dates


This morning, Claris has announced their product ‘End of Life’ dates for their currently supported products. End of Life dates are the end dates that Claris promise to support the product until.

Recommended Reading From Claris:

“As you are aware, Claris provides customers with support for current versions of FileMaker products and for the two prior product releases. Beginning next year, Claris plans to release new product releases on a more frequent basis than it has in the past. Claris intends to support FileMaker products released on this new schedule for two years from the date of initial release.”

Below is the end of life schedule that Claris has for currently-supported versions of the FileMaker Platform:

discover here Product Release pasion murcia mujeres Initial release date End of life (EOL) date
FileMaker 16 Platform16.xMay 2017September 2020
FileMaker 17 Platform17.xMay 2018September 2020
FileMaker 18 Platform18.xMay 2019May 2021

Rather helpfully Claris have also provided an example of future support life-cycles, too. They have also said that these dates are just examples, they are not fixed.

ProductReleaseInitial release dateEnd of life (EOL) date
FileMaker Platform2020.2May 2020May 2022
FileMaker Platform2020.3Aug 2020Aug 2022
FileMaker Platform2020.4Nov 2020Nov 2022
FileMaker Platform2021.1Feb 2021Feb 2023
FileMaker Platform2021.2May 2021May 2023

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