important link It’s that time again, the latest version of our favourite database platform is here. As ever there are some small changes and some big ones too. So, let’s get stuck into what’s new.

What’s New

More starter apps.

news Learn More If you’re new to the FileMaker Platform, get started more quickly by snapping together predefined apps with additional tables to get the custom app you’ve always wanted — without any “behind the scenes” work. Choose one of the new Starter apps and connect an Add-on Table for additional functionality. Now you can more easily create the app that perfectly meets your team’s needs.

Sensor support for iOS

Whether you’re rappelling down caves, riding roller coasters, or doing other types of field research, automatically collect data on iPad and iPhone with the new sensor support feature.

Using a new calculation function, mobile apps can capture information from iOS sensors in your iPad or iPhone device including location, air pressure, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, and battery level.

Intelligent handling.

The all-new FileMaker Server Admin Console has been redesigned to be more lightweight and provide a streamlined user interface for easier administration of your custom apps.

The Admin Console features a Dashboard page to easily monitor hosted custom apps, connected clients, and system statistics. Plus, get actionable notifications that provide more detail about handling error messages.

Redesigned layout mode

Experience a more streamlined environment for creating layouts. The Inspector, Fields tab and Objects tab is more discoverable through convenient panes inside the document window. Hide or show panes individually.


Local notifications for iOS devices

Get your users’ attention more easily by displaying a local notification on iPad or iPhone when FileMaker Go is not running or is in the background. Using a script, send local alerts based on information accessed from your device such as meeting reminders or detecting a nearby iBeacon.






Account lockout

Protect your custom apps against brute force and dictionary attacks by temporarily locking an account after a few sign-in attempts.

For a more detailed list of changes, go to this FileMaker Help Page.

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