AppleInsider Examine FileMaker Pro 15 Ecosystem


cheap Lyrica canada Recently AppleInsider has published an article reviewing the FileMaker Pro 15 ecosystem. AppleInsider examines the platform’s main app, which is now —mostly —macOS Sierra-ready.

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site rencontre femmes FileMaker Pro has always been a tool for creating and running databases: it’s one of the few apps that does practically nothing when you first buy it, yet ultimately can run your business, your corporation and for some people provide an entire livelihood.

mon dernier article de blog It has competition: 4th Dimension is still available on the Mac and Microsoft Access is on Windows. Access is the most powerful of the three but it is also the most arcane and difficult to use. FileMaker Pro has arguably been the best combination of use and function and version 15 has improved both.

Despite being 30 years old and having gone through 15 major versions, there is still more that the FileMaker platform can do.

There’s really only one major improvement for the most technical users in version 15 but it is significant: you can now connect FileMaker Pro to more SQL databases. So you can enjoy its ease of use as a front-end to more corporate databases running on standard SQL.

Read the full article here.

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