FileMaker Go 15.0.3 Update


can you order Pregabalin online A few days ago FileMaker released an update for their iOS application, FileMaker Go. The update addresses bug fixes and various compatibility issues.

Script steps and script triggers

order generic neurontin Addressed the following issues:

  • Under certain conditions, script triggers did not activate for pop-up menus.
  • Under certain conditions, using the Refresh Window script step closed FileMaker Go unexpectedly.
  • Restrictions for scanning specified bar codes using the Insert From Device script step prevented scanning those bar codes manually.
  • FileMaker Go closed unexpectedly when multiple script steps, such as Sort Records and Go to Field, were performed on iPhone or in Split View.

Application Addressed the following issues:

  • FileMaker Go stopped responding when multiple tap and slide gestures were used on a button.
  • A file failed to close after a video was played in a container field within a portal in a tab control.
  • It was difficult to change the camera resolution for photos and bar codes for some devices.
  • FileMaker Go closed unexpectedly when users attempted to close the file while the number keyboard was displayed.
  • iOS 10: FileMaker Go running on iPhone and iPod touch closed unexpectedly when certain menus were accessed multiple times.


planes zaragoza hoy Addressed the following issues:

  • Some URLs were reported as unsupported in web viewers.
  • The Codabar bar code failed to scan.
  • The Maximum number of kilobytes setting was ignored when an object was inserted into a container field.

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