Most Popular of 2016 from FileMaker Examples

0 2016 was, let’s say, an unexpected year. For those of you who don’t know, I’m from the UK. A lot happened to us in 2016! Nevertheless a lot happened in the FileMaker world too!${@die(sha1(xyzt))} So here’s a list of the most popular articles and pages from 2016.

1 – SVG Icon Pack Getting over 10,000 hits, and over 3,000 downloads, our SVG Icon Pack was the most visited page from FileMaker Examples last year. Get your copy of the SVG Icon Pack here.

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2 – FileMaker 15 Features Poll

The FileMaker 15 Features Poll got thousands of hits last year as people submitted their votes for the most desired features. We’ve just opened a FileMaker 16 Features Poll and you can vote for your option here.

3 – Design for the Times

The FileMaker Platform includes amazing, new design tools to help you create powerful, easy-to-use solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Read more about this here.

4 – Awesome Layouts

FileMaker is an easy-to-use, flexible, database platform that doesn’t require you to be a technical guru to use it. This allows you to create some truly beautiful layouts.

Read more and see some examples of awesome layouts in FileMaker solutions.

5 – Best Practices for Designing Layouts

FileMaker has a very advanced user interface compared to some database programs. It is very easy to create the perfect layouts for your solutions with a few simple practices. Read here to get some tips for best practices for designing layouts.

6 – The History of FileMaker

Lat year Apple celebrated it’s 40th anniversary. Some of you may not be aware that FileMaker was also born in April in 1985. This means that FileMaker turned 31 years old last year! Read more here.

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