rencontre à pleine puissance FM Quizilla is a great tool for those looking to become FileMaker Certified. MetaSys Software Pvt. Ltd. have created an iOS App for people looking for a convenient way to study for the FileMaker Certification. Users can practice and learn on their iPhones and iPads.

lieu de rencontre brest Who should use this application?

  • Developers studying for the FileMaker 14 certification.
  • Developers who want to improve their knowledge of FileMaker 14.
  • Developers who want to evaluate their current knowledge of FileMaker 14.

FM Quizilla 4 allows you to take the test based on different modules. Alternatively you can take an almost “real” test, where a mixed set of questions will appear in random order.

This app only offers information up to the FileMaker 14 certification and there may be some information missing if you intend to practice for the FileMaker 15 certification. However most of the questions will still be included in the FileMaker 15 certification.

Ease of Use

Upon opening FM Quizilla 4 for the first time you a greeted by the following welcome message…

This welcome message instructs the user to go to the “Instructions” page before beginning to use the application. MetaSys Software also wish you good luck in your FileMaker Certification.

Having to go to the “Instructions” page makes the app a bit slow to get ‘stuck in to’. Before you can get started with FM Quizilla 4 you must read through 13 instructional bullet points. It would be better if these instructions were displayed whilst actually using the app, rather than having to remember everything before you begin!

Using the rest of the application is easy enough. From the home page you can select a ‘Module Test’. This takes you to another window in which you can narrow down your selection and choose a topic you wish to revise most.

During a Module Test the app informs you if your answers are correct or incorrect. Great for revision purposes!

Think you’re ready to take the test? You can take a practice test in the app too. Tap on the ‘Practice Test’ button on the home screen and you’re launched into a timed test.

The feedback at the end of the test is very useful too.


FM Quizilla has a simple design allowing users to clearly navigate through the application. Some sections, such as the instructions window, could be designed a little better. But in the testing sections, where it matters the most, the design allows for a very pleasant experience.


FM Quizilla 4 costs £7.99 ($9.99) from the App Store which is towards the more expensive end of most applications. However when you compare it to other study tools for the FileMaker certification, £7.99 is rather a good price!

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