FileMaker 16 Features Poll

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buy veterinary Pregabalin When FileMaker 15 was released developers were given new features such as the FileMaker Cloud, security advancements, performance improvements, and much more.

site de rencontre gratuit 33 The FileMaker 15 platform has almost been around for a year now and developers are starting to ask the question ‘What will be released with FileMaker 16?’. So we have decided to host a poll to find out what the FileMaker community would like to see in FileMaker 16.

If the features you’d like to select aren’t listed below, enter them in the comments section and I will add them to the poll.

[poll id=”3″]

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and for voicing your opinion about features for the next generation of FileMaker products; FileMaker 16.


  1. For iOS and Mac, I’d like to see configurable Sharing and Action apps. So for example, in Safari, Twitter or Feedly, I could send a web page to FileMaker including URL, title, summary and preview. At the FileMaker end, I could configure which database, script and variables to receive the item.

  2. I would like to see guides. Like the ones in adobe etc. It would be so much easier to create a layout to fit a theme of the rest of the database if there are was the facility to show guides when in edit layout mode

  3. Ability for an open front end to service web customers. Server cannot be used as a generic web front end – each connection requires one licence – it is too pricy for most small businesses and makes it an unwieldy solution.

    Proper layout functions. Why can’t we have liquid layouts such as multi columns or 50/50 screen split etc?
    – CSS layout would be nice for the more advanced users.

    Grid layout portal.
    – Ability to have multiple columns in portals without resorting to start record trickery.

    Portals in popover buttons. Pretty please.
    – Nuff said.

    Ability to show one field in control while actually using another field behind the scenes (like value lists).
    – This would allow us to stop using one field on top of another to achieve the same effect.

    Calculations everywhere please (forms, value lists, read only controls)
    – I really hate having to create a calculation field in table just to display in one single layout somewhere.

    Hierarchical embedded attribute view.
    – A hierarchical view that shows all the customised attributes for each element / control of a layout. i.e. visibility conditions, triggers, styles (and customised formats on top).

    Expanded Style libraries or asset clipboard:
    – Create a home for base assets that can be drag-and-dropped into any layout. Changing the base asset changes all the copies.

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