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Hello everyone this is Richard Carlton, i’m here today with Klaus hey Klaus Hey Richard, this is an exciting video because it’s kind of a mission-critical video and it has to do with the new

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk FileMaker cloud technology it’s a product and kind of service that FileMakers put together to give us additional options for hosting our FileMaker custom apps up on the internet. it’s pretty cool stuff it’s really exciting and with the new FileMaker cloud and one of the great things is that you can spin up a new server very quickly and in just about half an hour you’re up and running with the new server and you don’t have to think about infrastructure are buying a new server or anything it’s really great and its version 1.0 but you can host your own mega databases and
share with direct and FileMaker pro clients yeah this technology is really a major step forward for the FileMaker community.


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