Version 2.6 of the SVG Icon Pack is now available for download, and it’s all about colour!

Version 2.6 is the biggest ever release of the SVG Icon Pack!

You are now able to change the colour of icons before exporting them. Use one of the many colours available to get the perfect look for your FileMaker solutions. We’ve also added 105 new icons to the library. You’re welcome!

Here’s a full list of changes: 

  • Added 105 SVG Icons ( Total to Date: 334 )
  • New ‘Main Menu’ layout to make navigation easier.
  • Fill icons with colour and preview them.
  • Export icons with the fill colour you selected.
  • New ‘Licence’ section detailing licences for certain icons.
  • New ‘Settings’ field available to configure the default icon fill colour.
  • Visual overhaul throught the application.




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