In Version 2.6 of the SVG Icon Pack, users are now able to change the colour of icons before exporting them. Use one of the may colours available to get the perfect look for your FileMaker solutions.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. To begin, find an icon you would like to use in your FileMaker solution.
  2. Then click ‘Fill Preview Colour’.clip_1
  3. A menu will appear. In this menu you can filter through three colour options. These options are ‘Basic’, ‘All’ and ‘Featured’. Basic are the simplest colour options available. Featured colours are specific to certain applications. For example ‘Facebook Blue’ refers to the blue colour from the Facebook logo. Selecting ‘All’ will show all of the colours. For this example I will choose ‘Facebook Blue’. clip_2
  4. Now that you have selected the colour, you can export the icon with the colour included. To do this click the button ‘Save with Colour’. clip_3
  5. The icon will be saved to your desktop ( or the selected default location ).

Please Note: You can still export icons with the fill colour removed to take advantage of FileMaker’s button settings. To do this click the button ‘Save to Desktop’.


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