One of the headline features of Apple’s new MacBook Pros is the Touch Bar, a Multi-Touch-enabled strip of glass above the keyboard that provides instant access to tools and commands that change contextually based on the app you are using or system task you are carrying out. It also has Touch ID built in.

Siri and Touch ID ( Source: AOL )
Siri and Touch ID ( Source: AOL )

The all-new Touch Bar replaces the standard row of function keys on the new MacBook Pros, with system controls like an escape key, power, volume, and brightness still accessible at times. The middle part of the Touch Bar is the Control Strip, which changes automatically based on what you are doing.

If the Touch Bar changes automatically based on tasks the user is performing, then could we see some FileMaker integration in the future?

Touch ID

One thing we are 90% certain we will see in the future is using Touch ID when signing into your FileMaker systems. This is already possible with iPhone’s and iPad’s, so Mac integration is a sure deal! Right?

Touch ID in FileMaker Go to unlock a file
Touch ID in FileMaker Go to unlock a file.

Touch Bar Buttons

The new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is open to third-party apps. It’s a dynamic canvas that developers can use to add a new dimension to existing and future apps.

Touch Bar being used in other apps.
Touch Bar being used in other apps. ( Source: Apple )

Does that mean we could see FileMaker Touch Bar integration in the near future? The Touch Bar could be used to create a new record, delete a record, perform a sort or filter, enter find mode, e.t.c. FileMaker could take the options from the top navigation bar and put them into the MacBookPro Touch Bar.

FileMaker Top Button Bar.
FileMaker Top Button Bar.

But could FileMaker take the integration further by allowing developers to change the function of the buttons per layout?

For example if the user is on an Inventory management layout; a Touch Bar button could be configured to print the ‘Inventory Summary List’. But if the user went to another layout, they may not want access to the same button.

Custom Top Navigation Button Bar
Custom Top Navigation Button Bar.

Here’s a quick mock-up of what the new MacBook Pro would look like with FileMaker custom button integration:

MacBook Pro Touch Bar with FileMaker Custom Button Integration
MacBook Pro Touch Bar with FileMaker Custom Button Integration.

I hope FileMaker introduce this in the future. It could become a very useful business tool.


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