33 Uses for the Concealed Edit Box

Concealed Edit Box underneath a normal Edit Box

FileMaker 15 platform has been released and with it we have seen the introduction of the ‘Concealed Edit Box’.

You can use the concealed edit box to hide sensitive information you don’t want displayed on your screen. Characters you enter are masked by a “•” symbol.

The main use developers will have for the concealed edit box will be for data such as passwords and credit card information. However there are many other potential uses for the concealed edit box.

Here are 33 potential uses for the Concealed Edit Box:

  1. Passwords
  2. PIN’s
  3. Credit Card Information
  4. Phone Numbers
  5. Email Addresses
  6. Passport Information
  7. Legal Information
  8. Social security number or other taxpayer ID
  9. Birth date
  10. Home Address
  11. Non-salary financial information (such as expense reimbursements, pension information, or fringe benefit value)
  12. Benefits information
  13. Health Records
  14. Ethnicity
  15. Veteran and Disability Status
  16. Performance reviews or disciplinary actions
  17. Payroll time sheets
  18. Worker’s compensation or disability claims
  19. Exam Grades
  20. Student tuition bills
  21. Payment history
  22. Account number
  23. Certificate or license numbers
  24. Vehicle identification (e.g, VIN, serial numbers and license plate numbers)
  25. Device identification/serial numbers
  26. Internet protocol addresses
  27. Any other unique identifying number, characteristic or code
  28. Account balances
  29. Bank account numbers
  30. Credit rating
  31. Tax return information
  32. Location of assets
  33. Trade secrets or intellectual property such as research activities

Do you have any more uses for the concealed edit box? Leave them in the comments section below.


  1. What about the @ character? where there is one Concealed Edit Box Filed, I can’t write “@” nowhere… any layout. Is there any way to resolve that problem?

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