FileMaker 15: Automation and Integration

Quickly build powerful apps with time-saving tools


Highlighted Script Errors

Red highlighted text helps you easily identify problem areas in the Script Workspace, saving you valuable development time. This feature is useful when importing scripts from other FileMaker apps, or for more complex apps with multiple scripts.

clip_300Undo Scripting

Ever accidentally delete something in the Script Workspace and wish you could get it back? Instantly recover your scripting work with multiple undo. Now you can undo and redo your work as many times as needed. Changes aren’t finalized until you both save and exit the Script Workspace.

clip_500In-Product Updates

Receive in-product notifications, and instantly download and install the latest updates for FileMaker Pro right from within the product

clip_600ESS Adapter

Connect to even more External SQL Data Sources, including PostgreSQL and IBM DB2 using the ESS Adapter.

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