FileMaker Training Videos available on Apple TV

0 have their own Apple TV application available to download from the App Store. From this application you can watch FileMaker training videos.

The same application is also available on iOS devices. You can click the app link here.

How to get on Apple TV

  1. On your device, search for by launching the App Store app from your homescreen or go to Education category in the App Store to find the app.
  2. Click on the app to download it, and it will show up on your Home screen until you remove it.

Does the Apple TV app work with any device?

You will need a 4th generation Apple TV to be able to use the app.

How do I log in to the app?

When you launch the app, you can log in with 6-digit code provided by using a browser on a second device. The app will save your login information, so you won’t need to enter it every time you launch the app.

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