Use the FileMaker Platform and the iOS App SDK to create iOS apps for your business. Then, deploy these apps to your team through mobile device management (MDM). Alternatively you can publish applications to the App Store after completing a few additional processes.

The iOS App SDK is ideal for experienced FileMaker developers looking for a convenient way to distribute custom iOS apps within their organizations. This tool is a utility that uses the Command Line Interface to convert a custom app you have created using the FileMaker Platform into an iOS app.

With the iOS App SDK you can:

  • Brand your iOS app with a custom icon for easy identification
  • Control when you apply FileMaker Go updates to your iOS apps
  • Automate the deployment of iOS apps using MDM

Also included is a helpful guide that details the steps necessary to build and deploy your iOS apps.

Is it right for you?

The iOS App SDK is an advanced developer tool and creating an iOS app is a highly technical process. Here are two resources to help you evaluate whether it’s right for you:


You will need a FileMaker Developer Subscription, and be logged into the community with that account, in order to download the software. Distributing iOS apps also requires enrollment in the Apple Developer Program.

Learn about becoming a FileMaker Developer Subscriber >

Learn about enrolling in the Apple Developer Program >


Using the iOS App SDK can seem like a daunting task. However I found that with this video tutorial, everything seemed a lot simpler.

Watch the video here >

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