How To Become an Apple Developer

Get access to the Apple Developers Member Center to upload and configure your iOS applications.


With the recent release of the iOS App SDK from FileMaker, developers across the world are signing up to become Apple developers so they can publish their content to the App Store.

So heres a quick guide on the basics of becoming an Apple Developer.

What’s Included with the Membership?

  • SDK’s for Apple Software
  • Certificates, Identifiers and Profile Management
  • Developer Help Forums
  • iTunes Connect ( This is where you will upload and control your iOS applications )

If you are a FileMaker Developer then the biggest reason to become an Apple Developer is having the ability to publish FileMaker Go applications to the App Store. This is done by using the iOS App SDK, provided by FileMaker, to create an iOS App thatĀ uses the FileMaker Go engine to power your app.

How much is the Membership?

Currency Cost
USD $99 Per Year
GBP Ā£79 Per Year

Where do I Join?

You can enroll to the Apple Developer Program here. Apple talk you through your account options as you enroll.

How do I Log Into My Account?

Now you are enrolled on the Apple Developer Program you can log into your account here. Look for the ‘Member Center’ button in the top right of the page.

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