Using Get ( WindowMode )


Using Get ( WindowMode ) is a simple way to achieve more advanced interfaces and a better user experience. When you combine the Get ( WindowMode ) function with the “Hide Object” feature, available from FileMaker 13, you can make your layouts less confusing and minimise the amount of script errors.

For example imagine a list layout with a single print button. From this layout a user might enter Find Mode to search for a particular record. By accident the user might click the print button which would cause a script to begin when there are no records present. This can make the users experience very confusing; especially if they are not accustom to FileMaker.

By using the Get ( WindowMode ) function you can make the print button hide when the user enters into Find Mode. This eliminates the risk of the print button being clicked when the user is in Find Mode.

Function Return Values

Below is a list containing the values that the function returns.

  • 0 for Browse mode
  • 1 for Find mode
  • 2 for Preview mode
  • 3 if printing is in progress
  • 4 (FileMaker Pro Advanced) if evaluating the function from the Data Viewer and the current window is in Layout mode

Most Popular Uses

The table below shows the most common uses of the function.

modafinil to buy Hide When Result
Get ( WindowMode ) = 0 Object will hide when user is in rencontre coquine nanterre browse mode.
Get ( WindowMode ) = 1 Object will hide when user is in chica busca chico españa find mode.
Get ( WindowMode ) = 2 Object will hide when user is in preview mode.

Quick Tip: If you want to hide an object when the user is in Find Mode; remember to check the box ‘Apply in Find mode’.

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