Reduce Scanned Document File Sizes For Your Containers


click for info Is your database becoming much larger than expected? Does the database use a lot of container fields? This could be caused by users scanning documents incorrectly.

buy provigil reddit I know what you’re thinking; this isn’t strictly FileMaker related. However I will explain. A client contacted me recently complaining that the system I had written for him was too large and it was taking up too much disk space. This was supposed to be a small system, so it was an unexpected complaint.

celebrex price in uae After a very small investigation I found that the container data was using 200GB of disk space! This was due to users scanning documents to a very high, and unnecessary, quality. This made the scanned documents much larger than they needed to be and in turn, the FileMaker system.

This is a very simple problem to fix.

Two Methods to Reduce Scanned Document File Sizes for your Containers

1. Reduce the DPI

The biggest change you can make is reducing the DPI. This setting is found before you scan a document. Spend a few minutes playing trial and error to decide the best DPI value for your documents; then save it for future scans. My client’s DPI setting was 1200! It is now 100.

Now when you insert your documents into FileMaker; they will take up much less disk space.

2. Colour Space

Colour and grayscale scans result in much larger files compared to black and white files. If you think colour isn’t essential for your scans; it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white!

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