Transfer FileMaker Files From Your iOS Device


A few weeks ago I posted an article explaining three simple ways to Transfer FileMaker files to your iOS device. This is an article explaining the reverse action; transferring FileMaker files FROM your iOS device.

To Another iOS Device

The easiest way to do this is using AirDrop.

  1. Tap the tick icon in the top right of the screen.IMG_0026
  2. Select the file you wish to AirDrop.
  3. Tap the export icon.7754_5
  4. Then select the iOS device from the AirDrop menu.

To a Computer using iTunes

  1. Connect your device to your computer. If the device is locked, enter the passcode.
  2. In iTunes, select your device, then click Apps at the top of the window.
  3. Scroll down to access the File Sharing section, and select FileMaker Go from the Apps list. If you have multiple versions of FileMaker Go installed, select the appropriate version.
  4. From the documents list on the right, select the files you want to transfer to your computer, then click “Save to.” Files with the extension .fmp12 and .fmpur are compatible with FileMaker Go 12 and FileMaker Go 13 (or later supported versions). Files with the extension .fp7 and .usr are compatible with FileMaker Go 11 and earlier.
  5. Select the destination where you want to copy the files, then click Save To.  The FileMaker Pro files are copied from your device to your computer.

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