FileMaker Go iOS 9 Multitasking Support


It is here! FileMaker have released an update for FileMaker Go which, amongst general bug fixes, includes support for Split View and Slide Over multitasking modes in iOS 9. The update can be downloaded from the app store for FileMaker Go iOS 9 Multitasking support.

To see which modes your iPad will support, have a look at my previous article Conclusion: FileMaker Go and iOS 9 Multitasking.

FileMaker Go Compatibility

Slide Over

Picture in Picture

Split View

FileMaker Go

image: Art/check.pdf

image: Art/check.pdf

What can you do with this new feature?

  • Generate invoices whilst reading your e-mails
  • Create estimates for your clients in other countries, using Safari to look for current exchange rates
  • Plan team meetings whilst referring to your iOS calendar
  • Compare your companies contacts with your iOS contacts
  • Browse the FileMaker Examples website whilst doing your work. Well… it was worth a try!

As more and more developers offer multitasking support for their iOS 9 apps, more will become available to use with your FileMaker Go solutions.



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