Force Touch for FileMaker Go


Rumours have been going around that the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will include force touch. Force touch allows the device to distinguish between a light tap and a deeper press for a wider range of gestures.

Force Touch is already built into other Apple products such as the Apple Watch and the trackpads of the Retina MacBook and the newest Retina MacBook Pros. This adds a completely new dimension to the way these devices are controlled.

Force Touch on the iPhone will work similarly to the way that it works on existing Apple devices that offer Force Touch. 9to5Mac believe that Force Touch on the iPhone will be used primarily for “shortcut actions” that will let users perform tasks within apps more quickly.

Could one of these Force Touch supporting apps be the new FileMaker Go? FileMaker 14 was released only 3 months ago so FileMaker 15 won’t be arriving with us just yet. I suppose we need to give FileMaker a bit of resting time before expecting them to release a new version! But I can definitely see an opportunity for FileMaker to support the Force Touch gesture in the new iPhones. It could allow users to perform specified scripts when a Force Touch is detected.

Potential FileMaker Go Force Touch Advantages: 

  • Layout Scripts: On Force Touch script options
  • Button Settings: A button could have two potential scripts. One for a normal tap and another for a Force Touch.
  • Menu Box: Display an app menu box upon Force Touch

If you can think of any other useful ways to use Force Touch in FileMaker Go leave a comment below. You never know; an employee from FileMaker Inc may see it and submit it at his/hers next meeting!

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