Apple Watch & FileMaker


buy canadian Premarin So, the Apple Watch is out and it is becoming quite the hit. With pre-orders going through the roof, if you try to order an Apple Watch today it will take approximately 3 – 5 weeks for it to be delivered! So with its sudden popularity I am wondering whether FileMaker will adopt an Apple Watch interface? Is Apple Watch the next step for the FileMaker platform? Users could receive taptic notifications if they are, for example, assigned a new project or once a new order is signed. Some of these features have the potential to be very useful! However, on the basis that push notifications are not yet possible for iOS devices, I doubt that an Apple Watch interface will be in the near future ( if at all! ).

free online dating sites uk singles So, to conclude, with the Apple Watch selling faster than you can run, will FileMaker create an interface that allows you to deploy systems on the watch itself? Unlikely, but its a cool idea. Sorry for the disappointment.  


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