Apple Watch & FileMaker


So, the Apple Watch is out and it is becoming quite the hit. With pre-orders going through the roof, if you try to order an Apple Watch today it will take approximately 3 – 5 weeks for it to be delivered!

So with its sudden popularity I am wondering whether FileMaker will adopt an Apple Watch interface? Is Apple Watch the next step for the FileMaker platform? Users could receive taptic notifications if they are, for example, assigned a new project or once a new order is signed. Some of these features have the potential to be very useful! However, on the basis that push notifications are not yet possible for iOS devices, I doubt that an Apple Watch interface will be in the near future ( if at all! ).

So, to conclude, with the Apple Watch selling faster than you can run, will FileMaker create an interface that allows you to deploy systems on the watch itself? Unlikely, but its a cool idea. Sorry for the disappointment. 



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