Apple to change main font?


Recently it has been rumoured that Apple could be changing its main font. 

Users are currently used to seeing their text in Helvetica Neue. But it’s expected that users will soon be seeing their text in a new font called San Francisco; a font that Apple has created for their new watch. 

It is thought that the switch will be confirmed at Apple’s developer conference in June. 

The original Helvetica font was created back in the 1950s back when computers looked more like church organs. This was then reworked in 1983 and Neue Helvetica was born. 

The reason for this change is because Helvetica Neue doesn’t transfer very well to small screen devices; e.g. the Apple Watch. 

Jon Hewitt, creative director at design firm Moving Brands, reckons that the main aim of Apple’s new look is to be more readable on small screen devices. 

So with Apple changing their look, will your clients ask you to do the same with their FileMaker systems? That’s a lot of font changing in one day! 


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