Common Business Challenges Solved with FileMaker


FileMaker, Inc uploaded this video to their YouTube account around 9 months ago. I think it is a great video for developers who are new to the FileMaker platform! It gives you a good introduction about what is possible with FileMaker.

Wasting time chasing down your business data? Are you experiencing one or more of these situations at work:

Slow manual process – You gather and share information using a manual process so it’s slow, inefficient and prone to data entry errors.

Scattered information – Your information is stored in separate systems or multiple spreadsheets, or exists only on paper.

Rigid technology – You’ve looked for a packaged app but it doesn’t do exactly what you want and it doesn’t support both desktop computers and iPad and iPhones.

If any of these scenarios apply to you — find out how you can transform your current business practices today using the FileMaker Platform.

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