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browse around this website In this post I hope to help people that are new to variables. Variables can be a little confusing but once mastered they offer great potential to your database! You can use them for lots of different things and can perform very complex calculation with them.

women seeking men in northern michigan So I want to start with a basic script. In this script the only thing that I want to do is to display the account name. I understand that this is possible without a variable, but it will help me explain the basic set up for a variable.

you can try these out To start, create a new script! Once you’ve done that, select the ‘Set Variable’ option from the list and drag it into your script so that it looks something like this.

2All I’ve done is name my script ‘Set Variable Example’ and moved the Set Variable step into my script. You can find this step in the Control category!

Next, double click on the set variable step and a new control window will appear.


First you must name your variable. You can call your variable anything but I try to make mine something that is easy to remember and is relevant to the information being stored within the variable. For example; if the variable was going to save a company name I might call the variable $NAME or $COMPANY.

official site Note
When you name a variable you must define whether it is a local or global variable. You do this by entering either one dollar sign or two dollar signs at the start of the variable name. E.g. $Name or $$Name. 

A local variable means that the variable can only be accessed from within this one script. A global variable means that it can be accessed from any script.

Value is the next step to configure. Click on the ‘Specify…’ button and another window will appear. This window allows you to configure the value and allows you to easily find data field references.


Once a calculation has been configured you are now able to save and begin using your new variable!

You can also specify a repetition value. If no repetition is required then the default value is 1.

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