Drafting a Main Menu


To create the perfect main menu, you need to know exactly what it is your database will need to do. Now, that might seem like a silly thing to consider because if you didn’t know what it was you wanted your database to do, then there would be no need for one! Correct? Well it might not be such a silly thing to think about.

like this My Idea / Problem

For my database I needed employees to be able to create purchase orders, raise invoices, check inventory levels and much, much more. The list really does go on. So far my database contains 28 tables, of which some have over 100 fields, and I plan to store thousand of records within each of these tables. Currently, my database system is only about 1/4 complete. So, coming up with a sound plan at the start of your project is an essential requirement because it may just change the way you build it.

My main problem is that there will be so many things going on in this system that it could be easy to get confused if I do not lay out the system in the correct way.

http://discoverstonecare.com/shop?orderby=menu_order Inspiration

For me, this new database system is about modernising the current computer system and bringing it into the twenty first century! And today, in the twenty first century, social media is a big part of our lives. It is used to advertise products, spread news and even sell us things! But the main thing about social media is that there are always so many different things going on within the web page, however it is always simple to find the things that really matter.

Take Facebook for example. You log into your account and the news feed that takes up 90% of the page is never ending! But at the very top of the page, the first thing you see is a list of any new notifications, resent friend requests and new private messages for your account. I wanted to use this idea for my database. This would allow an employee to log into the database and see how many jobs they have to complete or how many things they need to complete. This would be a very personalised database. So I came up with a draft.

Main Menu Draft

I have tried to focus on the ideas that social media has given me. For obvious reasons I could not post images of the actual company name, employee names and so on. So a few things have been modified. The company logo will sit at the top left of the screen. The bar down the left of the screen is designed to give employees quick access to everything they need! Their direct phone number, direct email address and quick links to any outstanding tasks they have. In this case Steve Fruits has 13 outstanding works cards that have not been fully completed and 1 unfinished quotation for a customer. Steve is able to click on these links and he will be taken straight to the task at hand. Having that kind of feature I believe is very useful, but you will seriously need to consider the structure of your data to achieve this.

Now whilst this is only a draft and you may not have any actual data to play with, it will allow you to start thinking about the structure of the database. For my database I have linked everything to the employees log in data. This will be covered in the tutorials to come.

co amoxiclav generic price philippines Tips

  • Try to keep your main menu simple. Employees/Users do not want to be bombarded with information the second they open the database.
  • Create useful links that will make tasks to complete easier for the user. Such as taking them straight to an outstanding quotation.

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