The First Database


best place to buy topamax Before I jumped straight into creating my own database with FileMaker, I played about with the starter solutions that they provide. Starter solutions are completed databases provided by FileMaker with zero records stored. If one of these solutions meets your requirements, then they are there for you to use for free! Usually though, I find these databases rather basic. Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 21.41.40

calcium carbonate tablet price However, they are a very good place to start with FileMaker as you are able to view these databases in design view. This means that you are able to explore an already complete database and see how it works! If I’m honest this is how I learnt most of what I know about FileMaker, because throughout all the solutions different examples and templates can be found.

I would strongly recommend having a roam through the starter solutions to get to grips with the program and how it functions. From there, you can then go to start your own database.

Thanks for reading!

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