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End of FileMaker 12 Product Family

Back in November last year FileMaker announced that they will be stopping support for their FileMaker 12 product family. Customers are being reminded of this...

SVG Icon Pack v2.5

Version 2.5 of the SVG Icon Pack is now available for download! Download here. Update Features Added 34 SVG Icons ( Total to Date: 229 )

Transform Your Service Business

Are the most important people in your business out in the field with your customers? Do you waste time emailing, calling, and texting to...

FileMaker REST using BaseElements Plugin

Brought to you by - Here’s a video about using the BaseElements plugin to perform REST requests.

FMPerception Review from ISO FileMaker Magazine

Brought to you by - Here’s a video about the new Database Analysis tool called FMPerception. Here's a github gist with code for automatically...

Re-Theming Solutions

Brought to you by - Here’s a video about (re)theming a FileMaker solution. If you've been searching for an effective way to deal...

Real World Scenario with iBeacons

Now that FileMaker can detect iBeacons that are in range, FileMaker apps have a new way to provide information to users. In this video, Martha...

Collecting User Data with iBeacons

In this video, Martha Zink expands upon the iBeacon functionality in FileMaker 15 by showing how FileMaker can create a log every time a...

The Newly Improved Script Workspace

The newly improved script workspace in FileMaker 15 comes with some great enhancements. In this video, Jeremy Brown explores the error color coding conditions,...

FileMaker Server Top Call Stats Logging

The new FileMaker Server 15 "Top Call Stats" feature helps us identify potential bottlenecks by showing the most expensive user activity, broken down by...